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[caption id="attachment_2120" align="alignright" width="185" caption="Adam Carolla Rant on Pacquiao"]Adam Carolla Rant on Pacquiao[/caption]This latest controversy that hits the Philippines was this rant by Adam Carolla against Manny Pacquiao. Adam Carolla is a comedian and radio personality who hosts a podcast. In the following recording of the conversation of Adam Carolla and a listener, Carolla was asked about Pacquiao's refusal to agree to the drug-testing terms that Floyd Mayweather Jr. requested. Carolla called it a "cultural thing" because "he's from the Philippines" and then said Pacquiao's religion consisted of "praying to chicken bones." This "irresponsible" remarks / rant of the comedian causes uproar and rage for some Filipino who have heard it. You will hear from the audio recording how Adam Carolla insulted the culture, the Filipinos and Pacquiao. The following is the audio record of the Adam Carolla Rant on Pacquiao:
Guys from the Philippines, what can you say about this podcast by Adam Carolla? Personally, I think its not funny and a real insult - not only for Manny Pacquiao but for all the Filipinos and the Philippines. Maybe it is just his real personal opinion and wasn't thinking that the podcast will be going on public - maybe! But if not then a really "irresponsible" remarks! Update: Malaca


4 responses to “Adam Carolla Rant Against Pacquiao (PodCast) – Below the Belt?!”

  1. Mila Vergara says:

    Shame on him for his comment on the Filipinos. WE invite him to the Philippines so we can feed him to the sharks. Evem sharks here won’t bite afraid of his infectious tongue.

  2. Christian Santos says:

    I personally don’t disagree with what he means by how Filipinos shouldn’t only concentrate on Manny Pacquaio, economically he’s correct there. I’m filipino and I’m so disappointed with how our country has been. I’m entirely proud of my heritage and our culture and how diverse our homeland can be from north to south and east to west and yet we’re almost borderline third world country. I honestly believe we have more than enough the intellect, manpower and potential to be like other more successful Asian countries. We can produce cities like Tokyo, Seoul, HK, Singapore and yet we’re not achieving it. It’s makes me cry of how much talent our Filipino bretheren have and yet they are not promoted and invested in as much as, for example, Manny Pacquaio. We can make a name for ourselves in the world not just through being the best pound for pound fighter but as well as putting out World Class Artists, Inventors, Businessmen, Performers, Scientists, Companies, etc. I long for the day that I see our nation as a competitor in world power.

    On Adam Corolla, I believe he’s is a hypocritical idiot for being no better than Manny Pacquiao in anyway. He says Pacman is illiterate; well I say who’s better, the man who had no choice being poor or the man who chooses to be a fool? He talks of sex tours in Philippines but in his podcast he isn’t even entirely sure of this fact. How foolish! He’s great at talking, drinking beer, and watching girls bounce on trampolines. Other than that he’s another typical “Class Clown”

  3. keil28 says:

    he’s practically making joke of himself.. i don’t think he knew what he was saying.. if you would only read between the lines, you will see that he’s not thinking about the words that is coming out from his mouth.. i feel sad for him.. on the other side, i love what manny pacquiao said, let him be.. he said that he won’t get affected by he’s words.. let’s be proud filipino! taas noo tayo sa harap ng mga banyaga!

    eventually, he’s just a hypothetically bullshit!

  4. mr.sandoval says:

    i agree of some point of carolla since he have a reason that pacquiao’s achievments is nothing to do the future of phillipines even most of the pinoy proud themselves bieng a pilipino but actually they don’t love their country,they don’t care the country, they leave it to other nations hand, look at spratly island issue 300 km from phil. 1000 km from china and claim by china by putting a base where is proud and brave pilipino’s who claim they love there country, the gov’t and the pilipino people around the globe don’t care it, even they not headlines it in any newspaper,theres a saying that if God give you something and you don’t care and love it, God will take it back and give it to others.
    so it looks like funny our brave ancestor fighting until the last drop of their blood to protect this country, and now somebody think anyway im not a pilipino citezen now.looks like turn back and smile to your country. carrolas comment take it as a challenge to us that not only in that aspect in boxing we claim our greatnes theres so many aspect we concern, thats only a sport my friend .but we inhiret his bravenes that how big our enemy we can defeat it.

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