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Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators
Frank Hathaway, a hardboiled private investigator, and his rookie sidekick Lu Shakespeare form the unlikeliest of partnerships as they investigate the secrets of rural Warwickshire[...]

February 26, 2018
Living Biblically
Chip is determined to live a better life after a couple of life-altering events blindside him: finding out his wife is pregnant and losing his best friend. While searching for answ[...]

February 26, 2018
Good Girls
Good Girls follows three \”good girl\” suburban wives and mothers who suddenly find themselves in desperate circumstances and decide to stop playing it safe, and risk e[...]

February 26, 2018
Caught is set in 1978 and follows a young man who was caught smuggling drugs to Newfoundland. After spending five years in prison, he breaks out in order to do one last drug run in[...]

February 26, 2018
Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted
Documentary series following young Welsh entrepreneurs earning a living through a variety of unconventional means. [...]

February 25, 2018
Seven Seconds
In an instant, life is forever changed for Brenton Butler and his family. After a white cop accidentally hits and critically injures a black teenager, a northeastern city explodes [...]

February 23, 2018
Ugly Delicious
David Chang travels the world with writers and chefs, activists and artists, who use food as a vehicle to break down cultural barriers, tackle misconceptions and uncover shared exp[...]

February 23, 2018
The Archiveologists
Diane Morgan and Joe Wilkinson re-voice archive footage to give us their twisted comedy spin on British social history and institutions in this series of short films. [...]

February 20, 2018
Knight Squad
Two mismatched students at a magical school for knights in training form an unlikely alliance to protect each other’s secret and pursue their dreams. [...]

February 19, 2018
Troy: Fall of a City
This epic tale of passion, revenge and intrigue chronicles the events of the Trojan War and the love affair between Paris and Helen. [...]

February 17, 2018
Stargate Origins
Stargate Origins will focus on Catherine Langford, the scientist whose lifelong obsession with alien hieroglyphs unearthed on her father’s archaeological expedition led to th[...]

February 15, 2018
My Wonderful Life
My Wonderful Life is thought to be the first show to focus on the emotionally charged ‘legacy’ aspect of terminal illness by following people approaching the end of lif[...]

February 15, 2018
Bliss follows the complicated double life of Andrew, a successful travel writer who, through extenuating circumstances, finds himself living between two sets of wives and children [...]

February 14, 2018
This Close
The six-episode half-hour series explores the relationship between best friends Kate, who is newly engaged, and Michael, who is attempting to move on from his ex-fiancé. [...]

February 14, 2018
Model Squad
Model Squad follows some of today’s supermodels. [...]

February 13, 2018
Drama exploring the spiraling repercussions surrounding the fatal shooting of a pizza delivery man. Set over the course of four days, the story centers on Detective Inspector Kip G[...]

February 12, 2018
Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the Fittest sees a group of young, hot singles living together under the searing sun as they take part in the ultimate battle of the sexes, in order to win a big cash p[...]

February 11, 2018
Here and Now
Here and Now focuses on a contemporary multi-racial family: a philosophy professor, his therapist wife, their three adopted children from Liberia, Vietnam and Colombia, and their s[...]

February 11, 2018
Celebrity Big Brother (US)
Celebrity Big Brother follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with 94 HD cameras and 113 microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day. Each week, on[...]

February 7, 2018
What if your parent died and you suddenly discovered that everything they’d said about themselves, and about you, was untrue? Requiem is part psychological thriller – t[...]

February 2, 2018
Nigel Slater's Middle East
Nigel Slater explores the Middle East, cooking and eating with the people of Lebanon, Turkey and Iran, as he discovers the secrets of the world’s oldest cuisines. [...]

February 2, 2018
Crawford is an unconventional family comedy about a young man who, after a run of bad luck, moves back in with his parents and turns his natural ability to relate to racoons into a[...]

February 2, 2018
Altered Carbon
Altered Carbon is set in the 25th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul itself is transferable from one body to the next. Takeshi Kovacs, a former elite inter[...]

February 2, 2018
2 Dope Queens
Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are bringing their brilliant topical podcast to HBO for four hourlong specials taped in front of a live audience. Each episode will feature a s[...]

February 2, 2018
The Trade
From Columbus, Ohio to Guerrero, Mexico and countless cities in between, the opioid epidemic has ravaged communities on both sides of the border. But what about the lives behind th[...]

February 2, 2018
A.P. Bio
When philosophy scholar Jack Griffin loses out on his dream job and goes to work as a high school Advanced Placement Biology teacher, he makes one thing very clear: he will not be [...]

February 1, 2018
The Young Offenders
The Young Offenders follows the coming of age adventures of lovable rogues Conor and Jock as they navigate their awkward teenage years, hatching plans and adventures to help distra[...]

February 1, 2018
At the Office Microwave
Nobody in this office can microwave their meals unperturbed — not as long as they work with Kevin. [...]

January 31, 2018
Citizen Rose
Artist/activist Rose McGowan has gone from a world where she was maligned, discounted and disbelieved into one where women are using their voices to call out abuses of power. McGow[...]

January 30, 2018
Waco: Madman or Messiah
Few had ever heard of the Branch Davidians and their leader David Koresh until the events of February 28, 1993 when a raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms on their c[...]

January 28, 2018
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